At the clinics we offer a multiple (3+) pet discount of $1.00 per shot for our routinely recommended vaccines.

We do not accept checks except for mail-ordered products. If you wish to buy products from us there are three ways to do so:

1) Make an appointment to come to one of our clinics and select your product along with the vaccines. Note that you may select product without selecting any vaccine and your appointment will be just to come to the clinic to pick up the product. Your pet must be a client of ours.

2) Go to ‘My Account’ and send us an email directly from your account requesting the product desired. Emails are answered very quickly during weekdays. Note there will be a $6.00 shipping charge added to products which we mail.

3) Send us the box lid that has our price label on it and be sure to include pet’s name and current weight. Included a check for the amount of purchase plus $6.00 shipping. Note that this $6.00 shipping applies to the entire order no matter how big or small it is.

PO Bx 239
Georgetown, Ca 95634

Bravecto and Heartworm products are available to pets who are currently vaccinated by us.

If you are not already familiar with us, please note that we are not a mail-order sales outfit. This web site is designed for use by our clients and the products described are being presented to those clients. If you are out of our area or if you are not already a client of ours, please do not try to purchase products as your request will be denied.  This restriction applies specifically to Heartworm testing and Heartworm products as well as Bravecto sales.

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