Vaccination is a typically safe and innocuous procedure and it seems that most perceived problems are either not serious or are not vaccine related. After a day of rest, a drowsy or stiff-and-sore pet will feel better as soon it is put outside for a change of scenery and a little exercise.

There are, however, a few animals which go beyond lethargy or soreness and develop allergic reactions to their shots. If your pet shows signs of allergy (itching, hives, repeated vomiting) you should contact us. Many clients have reported successful alleviation of allergy symptoms with the use of over-the-counter Children’s Benedryl.

During a clinic day you can call the office number 916-448-3668 and follow the  Emergency Instructions.

Under any and all circumstances you should carefully read the pink Your pet’s Vaccination Program –About Vaccination Reactions that is included with the certificate we give you.