Yolano Veterinary Service began as a large animal mobile practice in 1978 and has been under the same ownership ever since. In 1983 the emphasis began to shift to small animal clinics and the switch was completed in 1988 when the business office moved from Yolano to Georgetown, CA.

Some of our pet vaccination clinics are held in feed and pet stores but the majority are held outdoors at shopping centers and retail businesses. Clinics are repeated at 3 or 4 week intervals. There is always a licensed veterinarian on duty at every clinic.

A tip for owners of nervous cats: If the cat may be worried by the sights and sounds of the clinic, an easy solution is to leave the carrier in the car until just before shots. Additionally, draping a towel over the carrier while it is being carried from the car will keep the cat from being alarmed by outside activity. Remember, if you don’t have a cat carrier you can use a pillow case or a laundry bag but not a cardboard box.
A tip and a rule for owners of dogs: Nervous dogs can be greatly comforted by staying focused on their owner. If several members of the dog’s human family are present they can be quite effective at distracting the dog from its worries and help make it more fun for everybody.

In the interest of sanitation,  safety for dogs and people, and the smooth conduct of the clinic, all dog owners must comply with our single most important policy: All dogs must remain in the owner’s vehicle until called for by the veterinarian.  BUT REMEMBER TO BE THOUGHTFUL IN THE SUMMER:    During the heat of a summer day when the interior temp of a closed car may become uncomfortably high, be sure to either leave the car’s AC running or else bring someone to sit in the car with the windows partway down.  Keeping the dog(s) in the car is important but it is just as important to maintain a reasonable temperature for the dogs while they wait in the car.  

We do reserve the right to refuse service to any owner who will not comply with this policy or who disrupts our clinic over this policy. A disclosure regarding this rule is included in the paperwork and will be initialed before vaccination papers are completed. For difficult or dangerous dogs, a muzzle may be the best way to proceed. It will be the owner’s duty to adequately muzzle the dog.

Thanks for Understanding