WEDNESDAY, 3/25/20


PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING . . . . I have been in repeated contact with health dept and their epidemiologist. Their main concern for our clinics is that we may be unable to keep all clients in their cars and if there is a crowd which we can’t control then we will have a lot of disease transmission. Additionally, they have pointed out that without N-95 respirator masks our helpers would be at serious risk of exposure to infected members of the public as the health experts do not trust the surgical masks we have been using. The policy which I think makes the most sense is that we should refrain from holding clinics until we see how bad the wave of cases will be in April and after that and when I can provide N-95 masks for our crew we will resume clinics. We should all do our best to support our health department’s well considered and timely separation orders and we will learn soon enough what the status of the disease is in our area. By doing our best to support the policy we will be doing our part to help prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19 right here where we live. – Geoffrey Antipa, DVM

Regarding your pet’s vaccination status: Keep your puppies home and strictly isolated from all dogs other than your own vaccinated dogs. Don’t be worried about the yearly schedule for your adult dog’s vaccinations as there will be plenty of opportunity to catch up on them later. For licensing when a Rabies is due, I have talked to most animal control agencies and you should pay your license fee and include a note explaining that your Rabies vaccination will be delayed due to the quarantine. Check your animal control website for other instructions and for the form on the Elk Grove website. Regarding Heartworm issues or to ask us a question please use the contact form on this website or leave a phone message during our normal phone hours 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Best to all, Geoffrey Antipa, DVM and all of us here at YolanoVet.

Read on to see our health safety policy AFTER the resumption of clinics:

The situation regarding COVID-19 changes constantly and the following protocols will be observed any time we are able to hold clinics. Remember that our biggest advantage for preventing disease transmission is that we work outdoors and our mitigation steps will be as follows:

  1. We will ask you, our clients, to wait in your cars instead of waiting in line together.
  2. We will use our tablets to process your information and produce certificates but we will not have our clients congregate at the work table.
  3. Since the beginning of March, we have been, and will continue to wear masks as they are available.  We, of course, will not be sending any of our staff out to work with the public if they are not healthy. The precaution of wearing masks will assure you that we are not spreading disease while at the same time it will help our staff avoid contracting disease.
  4. We have Clorox surface disinfectant and properly diluted alcohol spray with which to keep our work table cleaned as we assemble paperwork.
  5. We have hand sanitizers out for the use of our staff and any public who may wish to use them and beginning March 21 we will have an electric hand sanitizer stand at each clinic for all of you, our clients, to use.
  6. Clients wishing to only buy products should do so via the telephone instead of visiting the clinic – Regular office number is 916-448-3668

In addition to the above precautions, there are common-sense steps we should all take all the time:

  1. Stay home except for necessary business.
  2. Self quarantine if you are feeling ill OR have been exposed to disease.
  3. Wear CLEAN clothes and do not cough or sneeze.
  4. Wash hands REPEATEDLY and don’t touch face! – Remember that not only has money always been a problem but now paper money may be a source of the infection problem so sterilize and wash again!

We here at Yolano Vet wish everyone the best of health and are confident that if we work together we will pull through together.


Geoffrey and Toni Antipa