Apollo and Orion the Shelties

Shetlands are islands in the frigid North Sea
The sheep there are smaller and fast as can be.
The dogs who can herd them through field and through bog
are known to us all as the Shetland Sheep Dog

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The Shetland Sheep Dog, or Sheltie, was bred in the Shetland Isles for herding the small sized sheep of the area. They originally were bred from Collie and Spitz stock and during the 20th century they were crossed again with smooth and rough collies to produce the dog we know today. Shelties are intelligent, trainable, energetic and they have a thick double coat which sheds all year long. They require some physical exercise and thrive on mental stimulation and training. Shelties always seem to be among the most dedicated and loving pet dogs we work with and they seem to be perfectly safe around children.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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