Callie, Bull, and Panda the Boston Terriers

(Sing a round to the tune of ‘Three Blind Mice’)

Three Bos-tons, Three Bos-tons.
Sittin’ in a car, Sittin’ in a car,
They all were waiting to get their shot
Their hu-man, keeps them in line a lot
Did ‘ja ever see such a thing as that
Three Bos-tons. Three Bos-tons . . . . .

editors note: Sorry ’bout the false rhyme.

This family of Boston Terriers from Woodland includes Callie (the matriarch) Bull and Panda (her pups). The Boston Terrier does indeed come from Boston, Ma and were bred around 1870 specifically as a pet breed. The lineage includes English Bulldog, a variety of Terriers and some French Bulldog. That means these little bundles of muscle and fun are derived in their distant past from fighting dogs! That’s a surprise heritage because there isn’t a mean bone in any Boston and they are among the most safe and affectionate dogs of all. Bostons love human companionship, are loving, placid, smart, trainable and occasionally stubborn. They do exhibit some typical terrier behavior in that they love to chase small prey like lizards and frogs and never forget where those little animals hide. We’ve had 2 Bostons and love them and can attest to their great suitability as a family pet.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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