Kahlua and Gucci the Chihuahuas

Kahlua and Gucci cleaned their breakfast bowl.
Then Kahlua and Gucci went out for a stroll.
They brought their humans for a free ride and then
They got all their shots and went home again.

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There can be no doubt that the most common dog at our clincis is the Chihuahua, and Kahlua and Gucci who are two mixed breed Chihuahuas from our Vallejo clinic, are more proof of their popularity. Chihuahuas date back hundreds and even thousands of years in what is now Mexico. There are historical references to them being raised by the Aztecs, and there are carvings and artifacts tying them to the Maya and earlier Toltec civilizations. It is certain that the breed originated in Mexico and that its predecessor may be the Toltec Techichi which may date to 300 BC. Today the Chihuahua is a sensitive and excitable dog which comes in either the apple head or deer head conformation and can be either short haired or long haired and any color. Note that Chihuahuas are often not the best choice around small children because of their overly sensitive temperament. In addition there are physical reasons to worry about their relationship to children. Their tiny size and fine bones make them vulnerable to unintentional injury and the self protective instinct that accompanies this fragile build can result in unprovoked biting if the Chihuahua does not completely trust the nearby animal or human. Also, a young Chihuahua’s skull often has a developmental ‘soft spot’ or molera at the top which must be carefully guarded until it closes. In some of the apple head dogs this opening in the cranium may become much smaller as the dog grows but never fully closes – another reason that these dogs do best in a calm household with thoughtful owners.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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