Clara the Great Pyrenees at our Solano Clinic

In the Pyrenees Mountains there are wolves that kill sheep.
The guard dog’s instincts are strong and run deep.

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This beautiful Great Pyrenees named Clara came to our Solano clinic in Vallejo and was as good to work with as she is good looking. The Great Pyrenees are from the Pyrenees Mountains which are the formidable range between southern France and Northern Spain. The Basque people of the region have used the Great Pyrenees for over 600 years as a shepherd and guardian dog. Wolves are a constant threat to small livestock and this is the dog to depend on because although the G.P. is not easily trained, it’s nature is to be relentlessly protective of its livestock and human family. They are particularly alert during the night and fearless in the presence of predators or intruders. Personal story: I once knew a family whose father worked out of town 5 days a week. They raised a Pyrenees from puppyhood to adulthood and the dog always stood as protector of the family and was never comfortable with the weekend arrival of the father who, in the dog’s experience, was always an intruder to the family.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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