Milo the Bernese Mountain Dog

To work in the hills you have to be tough,
The Bernese Mountain has all the right stuff

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This Bernese Mountain dog named Milo is from Antioch and brought his whole human and Canine family with him. The Bernese is the most common of the Sennenhund dogs and Milo is a perfect example of the breed. The Sennenhund dogs of the Swiss Alps are divided into 4 breeds: The less common Entlebucher and Appenzeller, the more common Bernese Mountain and finally, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. All the Sennenhunds were both herders and guardian dogs with the Greater Swiss being the largest and the most ancient of the group. They are stout enough to have commonly served as draft animals and reliable enough to have been favored as guard dogs at butcher shops and have been alternately referred to as ‘butcher dogs’.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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