Cockapoos Galore at our Dixon Clinic

Cockers are cute, as cute as they get,
Crossed with a poodle it’s a great family pet!

Here at our Dixon Pet Vaccination clinic is a happy group photo of three canines with their two humans. As we can see, these little cuddly puppies are perfect for adults and children alike. The Cockapoo is a very common cross between Cocker Spaniel and Miniature Poodle which results in a delightful ‘designer dog’. They have been bred in the United States since the 1960s and are divided into the category ‘Toy Cockapoo’ for those under 12 pounds and ‘Cockapoo for those over 12 pounds. These days the ones we see most commonly are the smaller variety and we just call them all ‘Cockapoo’. These are among the most agreeable small pet dogs and are suitable for families with children and also people with small homes as the Cockapoo does not have a high requirement for exercise. A Cockapoo may show more of the Cocker appearance or be more of the Poodle-type because, like all designer dogs, the resemblance to either of the parental breeds is random.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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