Otto and Scout at our Folsom Clinic

A dog with a coat like a wire brush and a moustache that could make anyone blush. These guys and more at Facebook and at our regular website.

Two young hunters named Otto and Scout. The German Wirehaired Pointer is a working dog bred for versatility. They are a Griffon type (that’s where the wire coat comes from) crossbred with several old German hunting types including the Pudlelhund (today’s Standard Poodle). They are adept at tracking, pointing and retrieving yet still maintain a great affinity for their human companions. The Wirehaired Pointer, like the German Shorthair Pointer, makes a loyal and trainable companion, but unlike the Shorthaired pointer is not overly affectionate with strangers and therefore perhaps a more useful guard or alert dog. Notice that the heavy wire coat has a dense fine undercoat in the winter which sheds out in the summer. This affords protection from the elements as well as protection from rough terrain and vegetations. Wirehairs always come with what can only be considered classy ‘facial hair’

– Geoffrey Antipa


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