Callie the Picardy Shepherd

A Shepherd from France is recognized from afar
as a good working friend and also a star!

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Here’s a unique one from our Sacramento pet vaccination clinic. Callie is a rare example of a rare breed. The Picardy Shepherd (Berger Picard) is a stout herding dog from the Picardy region of France. Their origin is not entirely clear but dates back to at least 1850 and possibly hundreds of years earlier. There was a common 19th century European herding dog which is associated with the development of several Italian working dogs, the German Shepherd and the Berger Picard (Picardy). The breed is, and has always been, well known for its co-operative and good spirited temperament but its rough coat and size never led to it being a favored show dog. During WWI, the ravages of trench warfare in northern France led to the near loss of the breed and the few that survived were pushed to near extinction 25 years later during WWII. To this date there are very few dogs of this breed either here or in their native France. The Picardy Shepherd is probably best known for its supporting role in the 2005 film ‘Because of Winn-Dixie’. For that production the filmmaker brought several purebred Bergers from France and used them for various parts of the starring canine role in the movie. These are agreeable, fun and trustworthy dogs who would be great to have around any household … if you can find one!

– Geoffrey Antipa


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