Olive the Great Dane at our Tracy Clinic

Here’s our picture of ‘Great Dane with Humans’ which is worth a thousand words.
And here’s a sweet song which says it all.

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We were at our vaccination clinic in Tracy when we were visited by Olive the Great Dane and her human companions. It seems unusual that we know more than a few of these dogs in Tracy and they are always a delight to work with. And the bonus is that my poor achin’ back gets a real break working with such a tall patient! The Great Dane is actually a German dog (sometimes called German Mastiff) which derives from ancient Greek Molossers dating back 3,400 years to the 15th century BC! In 16th century (AD) Europe the ancient dogs were crossed with the English Mastiff and the Irish Wolfhound with the intent of producing a larger boar hunting hound. The nature of hunting was entirely changed with the advent of firearms for hunting in the 16th and 17th century. Soon the giant dog which could hold large prey for the hunters became obsolete and this giant breed was abandoned as a working dog and only persisted as a giant companion dog. Until the 19th century these dogs were known as the German Boar Dog but political tensions with Germany prompted the name change to Great Dane. The tallest ever was Zeus who stood 44″ tall at the shoulder lived until 2014. All Great Danes should stand at least 30″ tall which makes them easy to vaccinate because there is no need to even bend over to reach them!

– Geoffrey Antipa


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