Hollywood the Poodle at our Manteca Clinic

Some can be pampered,
Some can be proud.
This Poodle’s a beauty
and the others are wowed.
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Hollywood is spectacular and she knows it! This is her second visit to our Manteca clinic and we recognized her in her car from a block away. In spite of its having been named ‘French Poodle’ , the Standard Poodle has its origins as a duck hunting dog in 15th century Germany and may even date to before the 1400s. The name Poodle comes from the German ‘Pudel’ which derives from the older term ‘Pudelhund’ which is a reference to a dog working in water (puddle). Today’s Standard Poodle is still a working water dog which has a water repellent coat, tremendous ability and affinity for swimming and the intelligence necessary to co-ordinate with the hunters of waterfowl. The Poodle stands as the second most intelligent and trainable dog breed right up there with the champion Border Collie.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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