Marshmallow the Pomeranian

Poms come in colors,
Poms come plain.
With hair dyed like this
No wonder he’s vain

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A group of five pets brought their human to our Sacramento clinic in the Natomas area. One of the group was Marshmallow, the show-stopping Pomeranian, with his spectacular doggy-dyed coat. Wow! Look at that coat and be amazed at Marshmallow’s good luck to find such a dedicated human. We know the owner is dedicated because to maintain a coat in this spectacular condition requires daily grooming at home and that is the case for all Pomeranians who are not clipped. The Pomeranian dog is named for the Pomerania region of northwest Poland and as members of the German Spitz breed they are also known as the Zwergspitz meaning ‘dwarf Spitz’ The toy sized ‘Pom’ was popularized after Queen Victoria owned an extremely small one and it was during her lifetime that the average size of the Pomeranian was diminished by half. They are loving, active. intelligent and trainable but can be a little noisy and a little manipulative if not trained properly. Remember, if you have a dog which requires clipping or grooming, that many groomers require not only the Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination but also now are requiring dogs be vaccinated for Canine Influenza.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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