Zoey the Samoyed at our Sacramento Clinic

A dog from the Arctic which can weather a storm has hair you can spin to keep yourself warm.

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At our Sacramento clinic we were visited by Zoey the Samoyed and her human. It was a hot hot day but that beautiful coat which is a protection against the bitter Arctic winter is also an effective insulator against the most extreme radiant heat our summer sun has to offer. The dog we know as the Samoyed is known in Europe as the Bjelker and one of the most characteristic physical features of the breed its curled tail which, like that of the Malamute and Akita, is carried proudly curled over its back. Samoyeds are Reindeer herding dogs from the Siberian Arctic and consequently they have a thick double coat which is white to buff colored and the males often sport more of a ‘ruff’ or mane. The Samoyed is an old breed considered to be one of the Basal breeds which precede the many breeds developed during the last 120 years. They are a primitive Spitz type from the region of Siberia and are descended from the Nenets Herding Laika kept by indigenous reindeer herders as herding and sled and sentry dogs. The Samoyed is an even tempered dog which is good with families and children and although not aggressive, can be depended upon to reliably bark and sound an alert whenever intruding animals or people are around. . . AND if you need a unique hobby their long hair can be harvested and spun into yarn which makes warmer clothing than conventional wool!

– Geoffrey Antipa


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