Kia and Nalu at our Roseville/Rocklin Clinic

An extinct fighting dog, too fierce to be near.
Has become a pet dog their family holds dear.
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Kia and Nalu are two very unusual dogs who came, with their human family, to our Roseville Rocklin pet vaccination clinic. We can say for certain that these two were agreeable, co-operative and a breeze to work with but they come from a formidable past. The Dogo Argentino is a breed which comes from Argentina and was developed in the 1920s from the now extinct Cordoba Dog. The Dogo is a tall all-white bull-type dog with heavy musculature and large size up to 110 pounds. The Cordoba Dog, from which the Dogo derives, was a fierce hunter and an even more fierce fighting dog known for its willingness to fight to the death. The development of the current Dogo began in 1928 with Antonio Nores Martinez who was a physician interested in big game hunting. His intent was to develop a hunter which, unlike the original Cordoba Dog, would be a co-operative hunter, would not fight with the other dogs and would be loyal to his handler. The temperament of the Dogo changed significantly during the period of its development and the breed was finally brought to the United States by a different Argentinian physician in the 1970s. The reputation of the extinct Cordoba Dog as a dangerous fighter was so widespread that it has resulted in some jurisdictions and a few countries regulating or banning the ownership of the Dogo Argentino. These dogs can still be dangerous towards non family members and so should be well socialized and raised by experienced dog handlers. Note that like other white dogs, the pure white Dogo has the potential for color-associated deafness. In spite of this history and previous breed reputation, Kia and Nalu were and are perfect actors.

-Geoffrey Antipa


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