Alfie the Giant Schnauzer

Think about a Schnauzer short and small, but here’s a giant Schnauzer big and tall. And more at Facebook and on our regular website.

Alfie, seen here with his masked momma, is an uncommon big-dog breed that we always enjoy having around. The Giant Schnauzer is a working dog bred in 17th century Germany as a herder and guard dog which also saw duty as a military dog in WWI and WWII. It derives from the regular Schnauzer, the standard and rough coated Pinscher, the Great Dane and Bouvier des Flandres. They are intelligent, calm, and reliable with children but anecdotally can be suspicious of strangers therefore require competent training and regular activities. Although this breed is fairly uncommon at our clinics, we always look forward to seeing them because in addition to looking great, they are always easy to work with and drama-free and Alfie is no exception.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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