Kingston and Kuro at our Elk Grove Clinic

To paraphrase Nancy Simmonds:
“We are both French Bulldogs,
We’re little Sherman Tanks.
If we were in the army
We’d hold the highest ranks . . . . .”
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Kingston and Kuro, the French Bulldogs, packed up their humans and dragged them to our pet vaccination clinic in Elk Grove. Frenchies are irresistible in every way and two of them twice as such. The French Bulldog is an odd dog in that it is perhaps the sweetest of all the dog breeds but yet is derived from the fierce bull baiting dogs of Old England. Somehow, long after the blood sport was outlawed, a few of the bull dogs survived as crossbreeds which were being kept as farm and family dogs. By 1850 people were intentionally crossbreeding some remaining bulldogs with terriers and from that time a few small and sweet tempered Bulldogs were produced. While they were kept by a modest number of English households, when they were introduced to France they became a wildly popular sensation and it was in France that they were intensively bred into the small and loving dogs we know today. That is why what was originally a version of English Bulldogs are now named ‘French Bulldogs’. This is a wonderful story of successful breeding for household suitability and companionship but unfortunately, it is also a story of short sighted breeding and inattention to other incidental characteristics: The Frenchy suffers from a host of physical problems including heat and cold sensitivity, musculoskeletal and ophthalmic problems, a near inability to breed without human help and a sadly shortened lifespan. When somebody begins breeding Frenchies into a similar but healthier dog we will have the best of both worlds.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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