Blu and Togo; a Cane Corso Family!

Great Mastiffs from Italy, of courso.
A father and son, even more so.
They came for their vaccs
and they’re tough as brass tax.
The breed you should know is Cane Corso!
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Here we were at our Sacramento clinic in the South and Freeport area and we were visited by the grandest Cane Corso named Blu. But Blu’s human had a surprise for us; Waiting in his truck was Blu’s son, Togo and the pair was too much to pass up and so here they both are. The breed derives from a very old blood line of ancient Molossers who have a history thousands of years ago as war dogs in the Roman times and a more recent history as fearless hunters of large game in Italy. They are, in fact, the only remaining example the coursing Mastiffs which at times have even been used to chase down small prey. Because these are big strong dogs with a dominant personality, they need close trust and competent training so they can grow to be dedicated members of the whole family. And one more thing! We call them ‘Cane Corso’ pronounced like ‘sugar cane’ but the name is actually Italian and means ‘dog which courses’ (chases its prey). And since it is the Italian language, ‘Cane’ should be pronounced ‘Caneh’ with the accent on the ‘a’ giving us the ‘Can-eh Corso’

– Geoffrey Antipa

Blu (father)
Togo (son)

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