Saylor and Ebony at our Woodland Clinic

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Saylor and Ebony are a couple of great looking Basset hounds we met at our Woodland vaccination clinic. There are many unique characteristics to these dogs but look at those classic ears! Basset Hounds (French for Low Hound) are long and low scent hounds bred in France for the purpose of hunting rabbit or hare, but in addition to France, there are pictures of short legged hunting dogs from the Middle Kingdom of Egypt in 2,000 BC. The long ear flaps are there to protect the ear from the brambles and burrs through which they scramble in pursuit of their prey. Additionally the long ears and the copious dewlap may aid in retention of the scent of the prey. The exceedingly short legs are the intentional result of breeding which has favored the genetic condition of Osteochondroplasia or Achondroplasia which is reduced bone and cartilage growth. Doxies share this trait with Bassets. Short legs notwithstanding, the Basset Hound has a superb sense of smell which is second only to that of the Blood Hound. They make great, if not somewhat noisy, pets and are good with children.

-Geoffrey Antipa


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