Morlan the Canis Panther

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Here at our Modesto vaccination clinic we see Morlan who is an example of a new and rare breed which is not exactly a breed. The Canis Panther is the result of a specific cross breeding which includes components of the Great Dane, Doberman Pinscher, Black Lab and Staffordshire Terrier (Pitbull). When we have a new dog type which is produced by intentional and defined cross breeding we call it a ‘designer dog’. If, in ensuing years, the dogs are line bred and develop a specific physical and temperamental characteristic, the Kennel clubs may accept them as a new defined breed but in the case of the newly produced Canis Panther that date would be far in the future. While Morlan is red which indicates presence of Red Doberman genetics, most of these dogs tend towards the black end of the color spectrum. Obviously the breed has been conceived as a formidable guard dog with reasonable temperament. The Labrador and Great Dane portion of the breeding is known for their size and gentle disposition. On the other hand, the Doberman Pinscher is specifically a guard dog and in the past has had some unfortunately aggressive characteristics towards people. The Staffordshire/Pitbull portion of the breed is obviously derived from bull baiting and dog fighting stock and as such, can still be aggressive towards other animals. Thus it seems imperative that this breed should be owned and trained by a responsible and experienced dog owner.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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