Murphy the Mastiff

The Baskervilles of Dartmoor called them hounds, they’re really Mastiffs – 350 pounds! See them and many more at Facebook and on our website

Murphy is an English Mastiff or just Mastiff who came to our Vacaville Fairfied clinic for his Rabies & Distemper vaccinations. In spite of the fact that they are the heaviest and most impressive of all dogs, Mastiffs are among the most gentle. The record largest was 343 pounds! They are derived from the ancient Molosser dogs which were Greek and Roman war dogs and also later used in the Roman amphitheaters as sport fighters pitted against wild animals and gladiators. Remarkably, today’s Mastiff is the most courageous and yet the most gentle of dogs. In 19th century England they were well known as being tolerant of the small children and completely protective of them, hence the nick-name ‘Nursery Dog’

– Geoffrey Antipa


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