Tia the Prazsky Krysarik

Every place has it’s special kind of dog and this one just happens to be from Prague. Many more pets with their humans at Facebook and on our regular website.

It’s been five years since we’ve managed to get a picture of this unusual breed so last week in Sacramento we got lucky when Tia the Prazsky brought her human with her to our vaccination clinic. Tea looks a little like a Long Haired Chihuahua but she is actually a fairly rare breed called Prazsky Krysarik or Prague Ratter. This small breed dates to 10th or 11th century central Europe and became a favorite of the Polish King Boleslaw after he brought two of them from Bohemia. They were and are brilliant ratters and have a high prey drive which means anything that’s small and moving makes a great target. They are easily trained and and fit nicely into a family environment. The Prazsky went out of fashion over the last century but since the 1980s has been revived by breeders in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. These dogs are such natural workers that Tia’s human told us that Tia made her first catch at the age of 3 months! Oh – and one more thing: Thank you Tia for reminding your human that we all wear masks at our clinics 🙂

– Geoffrey Antipa


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