Sophie and Mini at our Merced Clinic

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There’s a Doxie for every season and here at our Merced clinic we see Sophie the original smooth coated Dachshund and her housemate Mini the Miniature Long Haired Dachshund. Sophie is the one with the papers but Mini who, unbelievably, is crossbred, takes the cake for looks and they both made sure that their humans were properly masked up for their appointment on clinic day. Thank you Canines! Thank you Humans! Doxies are great little dogs. In the 20th century the Dachshund completely re-purposed itself from its original role as a serious working dog of 17th century Germany to it’s current role as the always entertaining family pet we know today. Their original purpose was to hunt badger and chase the badger into it’s burrow and that is the reason for the short legs and long back. The breeding of the Dachshund includes both hound and terrier lines and so these are unusual dogs in that they hunt a little like hounds but have the activity and temperament usually associated with terriers. They are a very healthy breed and live a long time but there is one serious problem to consider and that is the length of their back: It is relatively easy for a Dachshund to do damage to its inter-vertebral discs when landing from a jump so it is important to see that they do not habitually jump to the ground off furniture or run down stairs or bail out of the car without a good plan for how they are going to land. Other than that these are great, entertaining and trouble-free dogs who always keep their humans amused.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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