Caramelo the Persian

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Here’s another from our archives and look at those yellow electric eyes! Here at the Roseville Citrus Heights we had the chance to snap a pic of Caramelo the Persian. We don’t take very many cat pictures because we are worried about the possibility of escape while getting the pic. Persian cats, however are a different story because they are always reliably calm and passive. Caramel the Persian was brought to our Elk Grove vaccination clinic last Saturday and she was just as good about her shots as she could be. The Persian cat breed was brought to England from Persia (now Iran) around 1620. They are characterized by their long hair, round flat face, and as mentioned, exceptionally calm nature. Persians make good house and apartment pets but an owner must plan to deal with all that hair which, as the cat gets older and older, just keeps getting longer and longer. Sometimes a whole body clip or a decorative ‘lion clip’ is the most practical answer to the hair coat management problem.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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