Scooby and Wiggles at our Placerville Clinic

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Because we have a reduced schedule and no new pictures we are pulling this Placerville picture from our archives. This family includes two of the most unusual dogs you will ever see. At first glance you might think about several of the large black dog breeds but that brown mustache makes it hard to figure out. It turns out that Scooby and Wiggles are a mixture of Newfoundland Dog and Oorang Airedale Terrier. WOW! The Newfoundland is an indigenous dog from the Newfoundland region of Canada and date back to at least the 16th century. They are one of the oldest survivors of the ancient Molosser breeds and are well known for their remarkable abilities in water and are legendary for their feats rescuing drowning fishermen and stranded mariners off the coast of Newfoundland. The Airedale Terrier, on the other hand is a breed from the Aire Dale valley of 19th century Yorkshire and has a great history as a working dog and also a sporting dog for the bizarre sport of Water Rat hunting. The Oorang Airedale is an offshoot of that breed which was developed in early ’20th century Ohio. The Oorang, after 80 years of dramatic and conflicted history, is larger than the original Airedale and is capable of more varieties of hunting than is the original Airedale . OK! so where does all this leave Scooby and Wiggles? They are a designer dog which has the large body and black hair of the Newfoundland with the tighter curl of the Airedale with the distinguishing feature of a brown mustache. They must be great in water because both sides of the breeding is water-friendly and they may possess the rescue instinct of the Newfoundland and/or the water-hunting instinct of the Airedale Terrier AND the Oorang contribution should indicate regular hunting abilities beyond those of the regular Airedale . Those are a lot of traits and a lot of variables and the only thing we can say is that these two dogs were great to handle, took their vaccinations like champs and were kind and attentive to their humans.

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– Geoffrey Antipa


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