Rocko the Australian Shepherd

Some of the smartest working dog can also be some of the best pet dogs and you can see them all at Facebook and at our regular website.

Here is a new picture from our test clinic last week at Elk Grove! We have Rocko the irresistibly cute and cuddly Australian Shepherd happily riding in the arms of his happy human. Notice that his human’s happiness is evidenced by her happy eyes because she is responsibly wearing a face mask and helping us all to prevent spread of disease (thank you) 

Queensland Heelers are also known as Red Heelers and Blue Heelers and are the direct descendants of Australian herding dogs crossed with tamed Dingos. This cross breeding was begun in New South Wales by Thomas Hall around 1830 who was intent on producing a superior cattle herding dog. At this time the terms ‘Australian Cattle Dog’ and ‘Queensland Heeler’ have become synonymous although they originally designated different points of origin. The Queenslands and Australians are of the group of Australian Cattle dogs but are NOT to be confused with the separate breed of ‘Australian Shepherd’ which was developed in the American west from entirely different stock. All the cattle dogs are among the smartest and most trainable of all our canine friends. They are loyal and rewarding to work with and can be as close to their human as they are smart.
****About our clinics:****
Our regular clinics are mostly suspended while we develop a new appointment based system. Nonetheless, we will hold a one day set of 5 clinics in Solano County on Sunday, May 17 and anyone who wants to make an appointment for this single day of clinics may do so as long as we have space available by calling us at 530-334-0185.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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