Destiny the Pekingese ‘Lion Dog’

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Since we haven’t held any clinics for the last 7 weeks, here’s another one from our archives. This is Destiny the great looking little Pekingese who came to our North Highlands clinic with her justifiably proud human. Destiny not only got her vaccinations but she also left with a Bravecto pill so if there’s any flea in town who was intending to hide in all that fine white hair, the pill makes it a lost cause for fleas. The Pekingese (it’s the other ‘Lion Dog’ besides the Shih-Tzu) is a 2,000 year old ancient breed which has been prized by Buddhist monks and Chinese princes. Almost the only difference between ancient Pekes back then and the modern ones we see today is that now the long haired variety is more popular than the spaniel-coated variety. Plan for a LOT of grooming or take the easy road and just do a seasonal body clip.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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