Elsa the St Bernard at our Merced Clinic

Some little dogs have little paws and some big dogs have big paws but some giant puppies have giant paws which will make you pause – See em all at Facebook and at our regular website

This picture from our archives was taken at our Merced clinic. This giant puppy who’s hiding her human is going to become a HUGE dog. (Well, actually, since this is an old picture, by now this puppy IS a huge dog). Elsa is a St Bernard and this is among the biggest and heaviest of all breeds. The Saint Bernard is one of many dogs traced back to the ancient Greek Molossians and the Sennenhund (Swiss Mountain Dog). By 1700 in the Alps they were developed into large farm dogs used as herding, hunting,livestock guardian, draft and search/rescue dogs. In particular, until the 19th century they were used by monks of the St Bernard pass in the Swiss Alps as rescue dogs who could find and bring aid to travelers stranded in the deep snow. Unfortunately, after they stopped being used as mountain rescue dogs the few remaining St Bernards became the basis for new breeding which concentrated on size and coat. As a result the coat has become so long and thick that it can freeze over and so it has turned out that the dogs are no longer capable of working in the Alpine winter mountains. St Bernards grow to at least 200# and should be trained carefully or their size can present a problem for non-family members and children.

****About our clinics:****
Our regular clinics are mostly suspended while we develop a new appointment based system. Nonetheless, we will hold a one day set of 5 clinics in Sacramento on Saturday, May 8 and anyone who wants to make an appointment for this single day of clinics may do so as long as we have space available by calling us at 530-334-0185.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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