McKenzie the Bearded Collie

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Here’s another from our archives and this one is from Lodi. McKenzie is a Bearded collie which is a breed we almost never see and he is such a perfect actor and great looker that we have taken his picture twice over the last few years. This breed has a long history which is divided into two phases of development. In the 16th century some Polish Lowland Sheepdogs were shipped to Scotland with a herd of sheep. They were crossed with Local Scottish herding dogs and the Bearded Collie was born for the first time. In 1944 a surviving ‘Beardie’ was accidentally acquired by a breeder who then sought out a stud for her new dog and thereby established the blood line for all modern Bearded Collies including, of course, McKenzie, who is pictured here. They have fun, energetic, and hardworking personalities but are encumbered with a coat which could be daunting to deal with. Because they are a working breed they should be afforded plenty of exercise and good training.

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– Geoffrey Antipa


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