Kino the ‘Sheltie’ at our Fairfield/Suisun Clinic

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Here’s another picture from our archives, this one from our Fairfield and Suisun clinic where we took this picture of Kino and his favorite human. Kino is a Shetland Sheepdog (or Sheltie) which is a breed from the Shetland Islands off northern Scotland. This is an area where the terrain is rough, the climate harsh and the livestock are small. The original Collies from which Shelties are derived were used as sheep herding dogs and as such are members of a group of dogs which are intelligent, fast, rugged, trainable and obedient. The current smaller Sheltie includes various Collie and Spitz breeding and makes as good a herding dog as it makes a companion dog. All the characteristics of the working dog conspire to make an all-around good pet which can be well trained, can participate in exercise and obedience activities and above all is a good and loving personal friend. In our opinion, Shelties deserve to most highly regarded among the population of potential companion dog breeds.

On a completely different subject and regarding the operation of our clinics: We are in the process of building a new system for scheduling clients and serving them individually at the clinic. The portal through which people will be able to register and schedule will be available on our website sometime in May. When we resume holding clinics we will be expecting clients to preregister, wait in their car, and when it’s time to bring the pet for the shots we will ask that only one family member to come out of the car and to be wearing clean clothes and a mask or bandanna. More on all of this as it develops.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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