Prince Azrail the Great Pyrenees

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Since we don’t have any current clinic pictures, here’s a good one from our archives. This picture is from one of our Sacramento Fair Oaks clinics in 2016 and features Prince Azrail and his human. Prince Azrail is a truly great example of the Great Pyrenees breed as his appearance is perfect and his size is . . . well . . . GREAT! The Great Pyrenees dogs are from the Pyrenees Mountains which are the formidable range between southern France and Northern Spain. The Basque people of the region have used the Great Pyrenees for over 600 years as a shepherd and guardian dog specifically for the critical and dangerous duty of protecting sheep from marauding wolves. This means that although the G.P. is not easily trained, it’s nature is to be relentlessly protective of its livestock and human family. They are particularly alert at night and fearless in the presence of predators or intruders.

On a completely different subject and regarding the operation of our clinics: We are in the process of building a new system for scheduling clients and serving them individually at the clinic. The portal through which people will be able to register and schedule will be available on our website sometime in May. When we resume holding clinics we will be expecting clients to preregister, wait in their car, and when it’s time to bring the pet for the shots we will ask that only one family member to come out of the car and to be wearing clean clothes and a mask or bandanna. More on all of this as it develops.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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