Luna, a Young Pug who visited our Galt Clinic.

See dog breeds from today’s newest to some dating back thousands of years.

Here at our Galt clinic we are visited by this delightful young Pug named Luna and her young human. It is always nice to be visited by a Pug and they do not come by their sweet temperament by chance: Pugs have been bred for their temperament for a very long time. Chinese Pugs date back to at least 3rd century China and in the intervening 1700 years they have been crossbred into many other dog lines. Initially the crossing was to produce the short and stout jaw of the bull-type dogs which were used in the blood sports of bull baiting and dog fighting. Far more commonly they have been used in crossbreeding for miniaturization of many pre-existing dog types. The ancient Chinese breeding had, as one of its primary goals, development of a sweet temperament and that sweet temperament is still a reliable characteristic of today’s Pugs. It is important to remember that all the brachycephalic (short faced) breeds have less cooling capacity than other breeds and therefore we need to worry more about them in the high heat of our valley summers. Additionally we are seeing more and more exophthalmic breeds (breeds with bulging eyes) who suffer from irritated and dry eyes. It is hard to say whether this is the result of increased duration of our hot months, whether something is changing regarding allergies or whether we are just seeing a greater volume of exophthalmic dogs. At any rate, concern for the heat sensitivity of the Pug needs to include concern for the health and lubrication of those exposed eyes. Pugs like Luna are a pleasant and safe breed and can be counted upon to be among the best pet dogs.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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