Rulu the Mastador at our Vacaville Clinic

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Here is a new one on us which was spotted at our Vacaville pet vaccination clinic. Rulu is a Designer Dog called a Mastador – that’s a cross between a Mastiff and a Labrador. By Rulu’s appearance we can guess that the Mastiff parent was probably an English Mastiff (as opposed to the smaller tighter-skinned Bull Mastiff) and the Labrador parent was certainly a Chocolate Lab. The earliest breeding efforts at this mix seem to date to about 1990 in the US but their popularity has risen mostly over the last few years. These 100#-plus giants are predictably mild tempered and on both sides of their lineage have kind and loving personalities. In fact, the English Mastiff has been called the ‘Nursery Dog’ for their gentle attention the the well-being of children and the Labrador is, as we all know, a hopelessly friendly dog with no guarding instinct at all. Rulu has got to be a great dog with perhaps her only drawback being the mountains of dog food that she consumes!

– Geoffrey Antipa


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