Iris, the Red Doberman at our Modesto Clinic.

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Here, with her whole human contingent, is Iris the Red Doberman at our Modesto pet vaccination clinic. By considering the size of Iris’ legs and paws it is clear that she has some growing yet to do and is going to be a very big dog. We wanted to take her picture not only because she is a beautiful example of her breed but also because she has an exceptionally agreeable temperament and demonstrates how co-operative and trustworthy a modern Doberman can be. The Doberman Pinscher was developed in Germany around 1890 by a breeder named ‘Doberman’ (of course) who wanted to produce a strong, quick and fearless personal guardian dog. (Perhaps his need for a protector derived from the fact that he was a tax collector !?!) At any rate, trainability and loyalty have always been a prominant trait and these dogs have served well as guard dogs, police dogs, and war dogs. Breeding since WWII has modulated their aggressive instinct and they now make reasonably good household alarm and pet dogs. Iris’ color is not the most common though it may be the most beautiful. The genetics of Doberman Pinscher coat color are a combination of a color gene and a color dilution gene which afford a variety of combinations including black/tan, blue/tan, red/tan and fawn. There is also a circumstance where the dilution is dominant and there is minimal hair growth, making the dog susceptible to skin disorders. Good training and socialization is important as some ‘Dobies’ can be quite nervous or high strung although, as already mentioned, the more recent breeding in America has resulted in the emergence of many Dobies with the mild admirable temperament displayed by Iris.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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