Siah and Quincy the Tibetan Terriers

Short hairs, long hairs and some who can’t survive without grooming. See them on our Facebook page and on our website

Have we seen these two before? YES! and it was also at our Placerville clinic a few years ago. Tibetan Terriers may be some of the most uncommon breeds at our clinics but they are always fun to see and work with. Siah and Quincy are not only perfect dogs, but today they have just been to the groomer and they look perfect, too. For an indicator of how hairy they would otherwise be, just look at the perfectly groomed mustache and eyebrows and then imagine all that face and body hair growing almost to the ground. And that’s no exaggeration! The Tibetan Terrier or Tsang Apso (meaning ‘Shaggy Bearded Dog’) is from . . . Tibet. . . where they have been highly valued and kept purebred for 2,000 years! The Tibetan Terriers (which are actually not related to the Terrier dogs we know from the British Isles) had a dual role as mascots, representatives of good luck and monastic pets, but also they served as competent working dogs and watchdogs. The first Tibetan to be brought out to the west was in 1922 when a gold and white puppy was given as gift to an English doctor after she (the doctor) performed a successful operation in Tibet. Dr Grieg went on to acquire another dog and begin a breeding program in England. Tibetan Terriers have a thick double coat which sheds minimally and serves to keep them protected against cold down to -50! As pets they are a happy and attentive breed which, because they were intended as sentry or guard dogs, are somewhat aloof from strangers. During their long history, the Tibetan Terrier has contributed to the bloodlines of many breeds including the Tibetan Spaniel, Shih-Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Polish Lowland Sheepdog and others. They are fairly active, require regular exercise and, of course, lots of grooming

-Geoffrey Antipa


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