Chapo the American Bulldog

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Chapo, who we see at our Elk Grove clinic with his humans, is the most perfect example of the American Bully branch of the Bull breeds. The American Bulldog is a variation of the American Pitbull which was crossed with Bulldogs, English Bulldogs and the Old English Bulldog. The original Old English Bulldog is extinct so the one we know today is also an American creation. All of these breed types derive from the bull-baiting dogs of 17th-19th century England but that is old history. The most recent development within the last 20 – 30 years is the American Bully which is comes in five sizes: Classic, Extreme, Extra Large, Standard, and Pocket. The American Bully has been specifically bred for its good temperament and at clinics they always behave well and Chapo was no exception. He was attentive to and co-operative with his lucky human family

– Geoffrey Antipa


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