Millie the German Shorthair Pointer

There are companion dogs and working dogs and some companion dogs who make great working dogs and you can see them on our Facebook page and our Website.

Millie, pictured here with her human hunting companion at our Sacramento clinic in the South area is a German Shorthair Pointer. This breed just happens to be one of our favorites because the best dog we have ever had is the GSP we have at our house now. So we know how good a dog Mille is and will always be: Shorthairs are sensitive, energetic, gifted hunters and loving companions. As hunters, the German Shorthair can serve several purposes and Millie is about to embark on her formal course of hunter training. Since she now has her vaccinations she will begin her hunting school where she will be taught to use her various talents at the time and place most appropriate. As the name implies, the Pointers have the instinct to identify prey (typically birds) and then to freeze, lift a front leg and point to the exact location. Then, if properly taught, they can break on command and go flush the birds which is just the kind of activity they love the most. THEN, after the bird(s) are shot, the properly trained dog will go and find the bird (another high speed activity they love) and gently pick it up and return it to the hunter without chewing on it or crunching it. So we have, in essence, a Pointer, a Springer, and a Retriever all combined in a brilliant dog with a good nose and a willing/loving temperament. If this all sounds too good to be true, be forewarned that there is a downside and that is that these dogs require daily exercise and running. – LOTS OF IT! – The pointer is not a dog to be left in the backyard without work and interaction.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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