Nanche & Ravano at our Arden Clinic

. . . . And today’s pop quiz is . . . . What breed are they? Find out on our Facebook page and our Website!

Nanche and Ravano came with their favorite humans to our Sacramento vaccination clinic in the Arden area. These two dogs are two of the most improbable breed mixes possible and for a hint, look at their feet: Those truncated legs with turned out feet are the manifestation of the genetic condition known as ‘achondroplasia’ which is a failure of cartilage growth of the long bones. This is a form of dwarfism and we see this characteristic most clearly in the Dachshund, Basset Hound and Corgi breeds. Next, look at those heads: They have big soft ears reminiscent of Bassets and Dachshunds but look at the size of the head and look at those jowls. That size comes from the ancient Molosser breeds and the jowls suggest English Mastiff and that is what Nanche and Raveno are: They are Basset / Mastiff mixes and this is a fun dog to contemplate. Besides being short and unusual, they are sweet and safe breeds, compatible with families and children and traditionally gentle. If there’s any problem it might be that some Bassets can be noisy as they are hounds and love to bay at the moon or for any other random reason that sets them off. Nanche and Raveno make a great addition to their human family.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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