Luna, the Miniature Schnauzer at our Pittsburg and Antioch Clinic.

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Luna the Miniature Schnauzer came to our Pittsburg and Antioch pet vaccination clinic and almost photo bombed her human right out of the picture! These miniature versions of the Standard Schnauzer breed have become so popular that we see them at almost every clinic and that’s a good thing. Schnauzers as a breed date to around 15th century Germany and have been constant workers and human companions ever since. The Standard Schnauzer is a good natured dog which is kind of hyperactive and seems to be either sleeping or barking! The Miniature Schnauzers, like Luna, are somewhat less active and can be a little less noisy but we have seen plenty of them that love to bark. They are, however, such good natured dogs that they can be forgiven for their acoustic intrusions. Miniature Schnauzers are, all things considered a great, loving and safe household pet and family companion and we love seeing them at our clinics.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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