Katie, the Bull Terrier

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Whether you are at our Turlock clinic or anywhere else, when you see a dog with a Roman Nose and profile like this it can be only one breed: Pictured here with her human is Katie who is a Bull Terrier or Bull and Terrier – aka the Target Dog! Originally bred in England in the 19th century, this particular form of Bulldog, as it’s name indicates, has always been a dual purpose dog. The name ‘Bull and Terrier’ refers to its combination roles as Terrier for vermin control and Bulldog for fighting purposes. Later the Bull And Terrier breed was differentiated into the Staffordshire Terrier (Pitbull) and then mixed with some Dalmation to create the more mild tempered Bull Terrier we know today. Like all dogs derived from the sport fighting dogs, the Bull Terrier should be trained conscientiously, should be well socialized and should be expected to behave in a family setting.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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