Madigan, a young Wire Terrier who came to our Vacaville / Fairfield Clinic.

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Madigan is a young Wire Terrier (Wire Haired Terrier) who came to our Vacaville / Fairfield clinic with his lucky human. – We say lucky because anyone would be lucky to have a pet as fun and entertaining as this breed. Wire Terriers hava a history going back to the 18th and 19th century wool mills of England and Scotland where they were expected to do what comes naturally – chase and catch rats! Today there are competitions where Terriers still get to compete using their instinctive characteristics: Ground Dog trials are specifically designed for terrier-type dogs in order to show their prowess at that most basic of all terrier activities – ratting. The setup is that tunnels are constructed and at the end of the tunnel a rat (or two) is placed safely in a cage attached to a bell. The entrance to the tunnel is piled with dirt and the contest is to see which dog is most vigorous and fastest to gain entrance to the tunnels, find the rat and in doing so, ring the bell. This wild contest brings up the most fundamental characteristic of the Wire Hair Terrier . . . ACTIVITY . . . And lots of it. These dogs have boundless energy, are very intelligent and quick witted, hate being bored and love chasing anything whether it be animal, vegetable or mineral. They are digging escape artists and can never get enough attention from their human companions. – Personal observation: A very long time ago, when I was a young boy in San Francisco, I knew what seemed to be a hyperactive young friend of mine who had a hyperactive Wire Terrier and those two NEVER stopped. I think the mother of the house would have gone crazy except that the boy and his dog went outside daily and spent hours trying to wear out the back yard!

– Geoffrey Antipa


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