Ginger, the Akita, coming into our Sacramento, College Greens clinic.

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Here we are at our Sacramento clinic in the College Greens area and we have the most perfect example of a dog type from Japan. Could there be any doubt what breed of dog this is? Just look at that tail which is so proudly carried in a curl over her back. Ginger is an Akita which is an ancient Spitz derived Japanese breed which has come to be divided into two types: The Akita Inu is the original Japanese type and has limited colors, a lighter build and a more fox-like appearance. The American Akita, as Ginger perfectly depicts, is a post-war development of the Akita. These American Akitas can have an unlimited color spectrum and a stout heavy and full coated build which is the the result of the post-WWII crossing of Akitas with German Shepherds. The original Akita Inu from the northern Japanese island of Honshu was a fierce hunting dog capable of tackling boar, deer and black bear while still maintaining loyalty to, and protectivness of its owners. Akitas to this day are still aloof and protective guarding type dogs and do well with experienced owners.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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