Leila, a Mixed King Charles and Miniature Fox Terrier.

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Leila is a mixed King Charles and Miniature Fox Terrier who came with her human to our Carmichael vaccination clinic. Her breeding is interesting because her parent breeds are complete opposites in terms of personality and so she may be a perfect combination of the two. The King Charles Spaniel can trace its origin to Celtic migrations in 900BC. The downsizing and the cross breeding with the Pug in 17th century England resulted in a miniature version of the common hunting spaniels. These have been called ‘Toy Spaniels’ and In the early 20th century four different Toy Spaniel types were merged into the King Charles breed in an attempt to recreate the look of the Spaniel belonging to King Charles II. Though the King Charles are directly related to hunting dogs, they have lost much of their strength and drive and have always been more suited to the life of a pet or ‘lap dog’. On the other hand, the Fox Terriers developed in 19th century England from stock which dates to 50 BC when they were used to chase prey into earth dens. These terriers and the later varieties were fast, aggressive, fearless and indepent minded. So little Leila has the opposing characteristics of hyper-activity vs social calmness AND independence vs calm social bonding. We shall see as Leila grows up which it will be!

– Geoffrey Antipa


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