A Boxer Named Oscar

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Here’s a young Boxer named Oscar with his human at our North Highlands pet vaccination clinic. Boxers make good and loving pets but that has not always been the case. Their origins date to the Mollosoid war dogs of ancient Greece and Rome. During the 19th century these dogs were crossbred in Germany to produce a formidable large game hunting dog and it was this dog which was downsized and later developed into the Boxer we know today. During WWI these dogs were used extensively as messenger dogs and pack dogs and while their popularity and population diminished in Germany, after WWII they were introduced to America. They are now reliable and popular companion dogs but sadly are afflicted with a variety of physical and medical problems which limit their lifespan to only about 10 years. Interestingly, it is not clear why they have the name ‘Boxer’, but one thing for certain is that they are NOT named for boxing with their front paws!

-Geoffrey Antipa


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