Beembo and Tanke at our Natomas Location

Some of the best little pet dogs and their humans at

Beembo and Tanke brought their humans with them to our Sacramento vaccination clinic in the Natomas area. Beembo is a Mixed Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese and that has to be one of the most delightful combinations possible – the only problem being what to call him: a Yorkietese? a Maltiyork? a Maltishire? . . you decide! Yorkshire terriers date to 18th century England where they served as energetic and independent ratters in the woolen mills. They were working dogs with a fun and compatible attitude and they still are. The Maltese, on the other hand, is directly descended from dogs identified as companion pets dating back to the 3rd century Mediterranean area. They have a long history as sailor’s companions and were named for the Island of Malta which is off the coast of Sicily. If you are looking for a fun dog, look no farther than a Maltese or a Yorkie or a combination of the two.

-Geoffrey Antipa


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