Palomo the White German Shepherd

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Here at our Elk Grove clinic we have a dog which doesn’t look unusual unless you know the breed history. Palomo is a White German Shepherd which is a type that dates to the late 19th century when a Shepherd carrying the recessive gene for white coat was identified in Germany. Fortunes for the White Shepherd have risen and fallen repeatedly. In Germany the white coated Shepherds were intentionally bred for several decades but in the 1930s they were banned from German breeding clubs. Later in the ’60s and 1970s American and Canadian clubs revitalized the White German Shepherd. Then another reversal occurred in Canada when, in 1988, the white coat was again made a disqualification. By 1995 there were once again American clubs dedicated to the White Shepherd but the AKC standard is that they be classed as German Shepherds. On the other hand the UKC does recognize the White Shepherd as a separate breed. Physically the White Shepherd is basically a German Shepherd with a single or double white coat. Temperamentally they are supposed to have less of the variability found in regular German Shepherds but by some estimations and in our experience the White German Shepherd can be just as skittish as the German Shepherd. Palomo, however, demonstrated a stable temperament and was perfectly behaved

-Geoffrey Antipa


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