Rookie the Great Pyrenees at our Auburn Location

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Rookie is pictured here with his human at our Auburn pet vaccination clinic. His breeding is not 100% clear as his human knows him only as a Great Pyrenees mix. The Great Pyr dog is a very big all white mountain dog but not one of the most heavy boned dogs as their purpose was to not only guard against wolves but also to quickly and aggressively chase wolves away from the flock they guard. Rookie, in addition to his Great Pyrenees breeding, seems to include mountain dog breeding which leaves one considering the Bernese Mountain dog or the Saint Bernard. Both of these alternate breeds are heavier built than the Pyrenees but share some traits. Both the Bernese and the St Bernard could explain the coloration we see in this picture and also the heavy mountain coat. All three breeds mentioned have a history as guardian dogs with the GP being the most consistently ranked as one of the best and the St Bernard being mostly recognized as a general purpose and rescue dog. In any case, Rookie appears to have some good reliable mountain dog heritage and should work out as well with humans as with livestock.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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