Appa the Border Collie

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This eager and inquisitive young border collie named Appa, is pictured here with his human at our Antioch pet vaccination clinic. This breed was once more common at our clinics but they have always been and still are a remarkable and wonderful breed which makes as spectacular a herding dog as it does a pet dog. The Border Collie developed as a livestock working breed developed from the widespread Landrace collies of the British Isles. ‘Landrace’ refers to an indigenous breed which is historically kept by native peoples of a given area. The word ‘Collie’ or ‘Colley’ comes from an old Celtic word meaning useful and this demonstrates how far back we can date the tradition of working Collies in the English/Scottish region. The pure Border Collies we know today all trace their ancestry to a tricolor Collie born in 1893 in Northumberland named ‘Old Hemp’. Old Hemp lived 8 years and was known as a quiet, powerful and very effective working sheepdog. He was extensively used for stud and his particular working style has now become the breed standard style for all Border Collies. Border Collies are the most intelligent of all dog breeds, are exceptionally trainable and exceptionally loyal to their owner. An owner who wants to be close to their pet and who would enjoy training, working and interacting with a dog will be richly rewarded by association with a Border Collie. Appa’s face has a perfect symmetrical white blaze but remember to watch out for those with Piebald or all white faces or with double merle genetics as these colorations can be associated with deafness and other problems.

-Geoffrey Antipa


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